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Premium-quality hydrated lime  

Akdolit® H (hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2) is a light reagent in powder form resulting from the hydration of quicklime. Akdolit® H is diluted into a homogeneous milk of lime for specific application. Akdolit® offers a powdered hydrated lime of high quality, specially adapted to the milk of lime preparation.  
In water treatment, hydrated lime is used to neutralise water acidity, by increasing the pH. It can also correct water hardness, by bringing it to the calco-carbonic equilibrium (softening or hardening). Hydrated lime can also reduce the metal concentration in water by raising the pH.  

Technical information


The Akdolit® H reagents that we offer meet the requirements of the DIN EN 12518 standards for the treatment of water for human consumption and those of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

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