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Easy-to-use ultra-porous low-bulk calcium carbonate neutralization

Akdolit® Hydro-Calcit C G is a highly reactive, carbonate filter material with a spherical granular form, especially suitable for pneumatic conveying and silo feeding. It is used for the neutralisation of water to achieve the calco-carbonic equilibrium through pH adjustment and thus to meet the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance. In this process, an increase in the concentration of the calcium and hydrogen carbonate ions, desirable from a chemical corrosion point of view, is achieved. Due to the high reactivity of Akdolit® Hydro-Calcit C G, the performance of units previously filled with dense carbonate can be increased without any expansion. Stabilisation and equilibrium of the pH are obtained very easily.  

Technical information


Akdolit® Hydro-Calcit C G meets the requirements of EN 1018, the Drinking Water Ordinance and DIN 2000 (Germany).  


  • GRAIN SIZE 1: 0.5 - 3.15 MM  


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