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High-quality quicklime  

Akdolit® Q (quicklime, CaO) is a solid reagent made by the calcination of limestone in a kiln at a temperature of 900°C or higher. Akdolit® Q has to be slaked and diluted to a milk of lime or limewater before use. Akdolit® supplies high-quality quicklime, particularly suitable for the preparation of milk of lime.  
In water treatment, slaked and diluted quicklime are used primarily for correctiong water hardness by decarbonisation of the water through an increase in its pH value. Quicklime can lower the concentration of heavy metal compounds in the water by raising the pH value. The pH can also be regulated with slaked lime in highly diluted form.  

Technical information


The Akdolit® Q reagents that we offer meet the requirements of the DIN EN 12518 standards for the treatment of water for human consumption and those of the Drinking Water Ordinance.  


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