adding a milk of lime to a laboratory container

Ready-to-use milk of lime  

Akdolit® SL (milk of lime) is a non-dispersive suspension produced as a special preparation of hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2) in water. The preparation of a pure, homogeneous, non dispersible milk of lime on the site, where it is to be used, is a difficult process that requires specific equipment and know-how. This is why Akdolit® offers a range of ready-to-use milk of lime to its customers.  
In water treatment, milk of lime is used to establish calco-carbonic equilibrium and correct hardness (softening or hardening). Milk of lime can also reduce the concentration of heavy metal compounds in water by raising the pH.  

Technical information


Lhoist's range of Akdolit® SL reagents meet the requirements of the DIN EN 12518 standards and the Drinking Water Ordinance.  

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