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Together, the Future

As a family business that spans six generations, Lhoist has continuously embraced sustainability at the heart of its actions and long-term vision. We are acutely aware of our impact, striving to do better each year. 

The transformation of limestone into lime generates carbon dioxide emissions. Lhoist’s carbon challenge has therefore started a while ago and lots of initiatives have already been implemented and are running across our geographies. While the best possible solutions to carbon-free lime are still unclear, the necessary transition to a more sustainable way of producing and using energy is part of our group’s agenda and must happen in just a few decades.

Within this time frame, our industry will encounter fundamental change as this means a radical infrastructure overhaul. Our commitment to bring purity and efficiency is now complemented by setting the course for carbon neutrality. This requires looking at all possible solutions under development in terms of carbon capture solutions, storage, and CO2 utilization. 

We cannot achieve this without the contribution of our people, subcontractors, customers, suppliers, communities, neighbors, and other stakeholders, for which we are very grateful. We have taken the first proactive step on our journey to Net Zero, making every effort to pursue valuable partnerships that will contribute to improving the environment, people’s lives, and our society.  

group of yound people from internship program in Lhoist Latin America

Building a sustainable future

We believe in an impact economy where work, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology lead to the well-being and prosperity of our society.  

We know that we still have many steps to take as part of this ongoing journey. That is why we are currently working on our roadmap while continuing our efforts, aligning our operations with our long-term ambitions, and looking for opportunities and partnerships.  

Together, we take action to drive lasting change for the generations to come and build a sustainable future.