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Crushed and milled high-purity limestone 

Sorbacal® C is a limestone, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) range of ground and milled, high-purity products supplied in different particle size distributions (PSDs).  

Technical information


We have the expertise to deliver the optimal PSD: from granular for packed bed absorbers (PBA) to granules for circulating fluidized boilers (CFB), and from fine to superfine particles for wet scrubber and dry injection systems.  

Combined with very efficient logistics solutions, Sorbacal® C is a cost-effective limestone sorbent for limestone forced oxidation (LSFO) wet scrubbers, circulating or fluidized bed boilers (CFB/FBB), and packed bed absorbers. In addition, its purity and high whiteness make gypsum by-products more valuable.  

Pollutants captured

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  • SO2
  • HCI
  • HF
  • SO3
  • SeO2

Others: H3PO4, HBr

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