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High-quality quicklime in different particle-size distributions

Sorbacal® Q quicklime, or calcium oxide (CaO), is widely used in a large variety of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) processes.  
Sorbacal® Q is used to produce milk of lime and hydrated lime for spray dry absorber (SDA), circulating dry scrubber (CDS) and wet FGD systems. 

Technical information


The milled product is supplied in different particle-size distributions (PSD) varying from pebble to very fine powder (0-90 µm), with a minimum of typically 92% available CaO as measured with the EN 459 method.  

The quality and reactivity of milk of lime depends on the characteristics of the lime and water quality (chemical composition, temperature, particle size), as well as the slaking conditions. Sorbacal® Q enables milk of lime preparation with a fine particle size, making it more reactive than standard quicklimes.  

Pollutants captured

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  • SO2
  • HCI
  • HF
  • SO3
  • SeO2

Others: H3PO4, HBr

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