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Ready-to-use milk of lime 

Sorbacal® SL is a ready-to-use milk of lime product (also called lime slurry or lime milk) used for semi-dry/wet or spray dry absorber processes, as well as small wet FGT units.  

Technical information


Sorbacal® SL is composed of 5-50% of Ca(OH)2 suspended in water. The quality and reactivity of milk of lime depends on the characteristics of the lime and water quality (chemical composition, temperature, particle size), as well as the slaking conditions.  

Ready for use, Sorbacal® SL reduces the uncertainty and operational complexity of on-site slaking. The carefully controlled manufacturing conditions ensure constant high quality.  

Pollutants captured

Close-up on a flue gas treatment factory chimney
  • SO2
  • HCI
  • HF
  • SO3
  • SeO2

Others: H3PO4, HBr

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